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Per Mobile Learning si intende una metodologia formativa in grado di coinvolgere "anyone, anytime, anywhere". Con il termine mobile learning si intende, quindi, un intervento con contenuti formativi diversi, sia interi corsi che singoli learning object, erogati tramite tecnologie mobili quali Pocket PC, Tablet PC, eBook, samrtphones, cellulari e altri dispositivi portatili. In questa pagina seguono alcune risorse e  links utili per approfondire l'argomento.




Mobile Devices for Learning: What you need to know,  Edutopia


Pros and cons? Bridging the digital gap?

 25 best android applications 


MobiMOOC course wiki on M-Learning


 mLearning for language teachers


mLearning video case studies


 Top 50 mobile elearning resources

Lists Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources to help readers get started in Mobile Learning (mLearning).


 M-learning Lessons plans

 M-lesson repository at the consultants-E


BBC LearnEnglish mobile apps

Language learning apps for mobiles 


Mobile Study

to create quizzes for mobiles


Risorse per dispositivi mobili

Moltissime risorse educative dal sito di "Maestro Roberto" per dispositivi mobili



Collezzione di Apps educative per dispositivi mobili


Tesi di dottorato su Mobile learning

 su Mobile learning e ecologia convergente di Elvia Ilaria Feola 



Mobile learning gioco o didattica?





E-moderation station

Nicky Hockly’s blog for online tutors has a series of 10 blog posts dedicated to mLearning, written for educators new to the topic.


Mobile Learning the Apps

overview of the smartphone apps out there right now for English language learners.


From toy to tool: Cell phones in learning

A blog which looks specifically at the use of mobile or cell phones in teaching and learning, from Liz Kolb.


Learning in Hand

Tony Vincent’s blog and website on all things mobile in education.



A good source of regularly updated links to reading on mobile learning in education, this blog is maintained by Judy Browne, a learning technologist.


m-learning is good

A blog about general issues relating to mobile learning, from reviews of apps and mobile content, to design issues.


Mobile ESL

David Read is a practising English as a Foreign Language teacher based in the UK, who regularly reflects on using mLearning with his students.


Mobile learning

A blog which looks at mobile devices, apps and content for educators.


The mobile learner

Rob de Lorenzo’s blog is aimed at educators and covers a range of mLearning related topics.




 Mobile Learning FORM@RE Open Journal per la formazione in rete. Num. 73 a cura di Maria Ranieri e Pierfranco Ravotto



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..   E-BOOKS


New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education

Herrington, J., Herrington, A., Mantei, J., Olney, I., and Ferry, B. (editors) 2009. Wollongong: Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong

a e nuova didattica è un'associazione turale senza fini di lucro alla quale aderiscono docenti di lingue straniere e di lingua italiana che intendono sostenere i 


Are we wired for Mobile Learning?



The BBC WST, in partnership with BBC Learning English, has launched a new multi-platform media initiative that will change the way people learn English in Bangladesh and communities of Bangladeshi origin worldwide. This project will provide high quality English learning tools using mobile, television and the internet to millions of people, many of whom live on less than £2 a day... and now watch the video!